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About MVIM

History Of The Motor Vehicle Industry of Manitoba Scholarship Fund

Attracting and keeping young people interested in becoming automotive technicians has been and continues to be an ongoing challenge. In 2002, Don and Joyce Sobering, as business owners, were preparing to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Sobering Auto Electric Ltd. in 2003. Throughout the years they have been very committed to apprenticeship training for the development of quality, skilled technicians for our Industry. With rapidly changing technologies, the high cost of tools and greater numbers of production models in the marketplace, it was increasingly more important to train and continuously upgrade technicians to keep pace with the times.

They always believed our industry and our community is only as good as we make it. They decided to found the Motor Vehicle Industry Scholarship (2002) in recognition of their commitment to apprenticeship training of highly skilled technicians for the motor vehicle industry in the Province of Manitoba. They were not alone in their belief. This belief of financially assisting training of apprentices was supported by Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation, Manitoba Used Car Dealers Association, Automotive Trades Association, Automotive Recyclers of Manitoba and its’ members plus numerous community individuals. This growth is exemplified by the number of scholarships that have been awarded through the years. For example, in 2003 the first two scholarships were awarded. This number has since expanded to over twenty scholarships per year with the number growing exponentially.


The Motor Vehicle Industry of Manitoba Inc. is comprised of a representative from each of the organizations or individuals that have founded/established a named scholarship plus members at large that the Board from time to time may determine this as beneficial to the goals of the committee. The Chair and Vice Chair are appointed by the Board as a whole. These individuals may or may not be part of any one of the named scholarship organizations.

The Scholarship Selection Committee

Our Committee has taken a unique process to follow for awarding scholarships. The scholarships are open to all Manitobans for their post-secondary education The scholarships are not specific to any one training institution The criteria for each scholarship is developed by industry members who serve on the scholarship committee. Donations can be targeted towards a particular segment of the Scholarship Fund with all funds jointly invested for a maximum earning potential. It is the revenue from these investments that generate the amount available for scholarship disbursement. The minimum scholarship awarded is $500.00. After a Named Scholarship is created all donations no matter how small or large can be directed to that scholarship fund. As the fund grows there may be more scholarships awarded in the appropriate industry categories. An event is hosted annually by the committee for the awarding of the scholarships. This event is held during the month of June. Details for each event will be determined on an annual basis by the event committee. The goal of this event will not only be to award scholarships but also to create increased awareness of the important role our technicians play in the future of the motor vehicle industry. Scholarships may be used for tuition, tools, books, and other learning aids.The scholarship selection committee will select from the completed applications a list of recipients to be awarded the scholarships for that particular year. Previous recipients may be awarded a scholarship in more than one year. A recipient may receive a scholarship in more than one category.

The Scholarship Contributors

The scholarships are made possible as a result of supporting contributions from: Sobering Automotive Centre Ltd.,
The Automotive Recyclers Association of Manitoba, The Automotive Trades Association of Manitoba, Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation,
The Manitoba Used Car Dealers Association, The Joe and Geraldine Rewucki Memorial Fund.

Supporting the vehicle technicians of tomorrow
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